About Science-Dipity

Our Mission:

To enable children – and teachers, alike – to meet and exceed science standards via resource-rich, fun, and simple activities with an intention to foster enthusiasm for lifelong learning and betterment of the community.

Founder Bio:

Tim Baker founded Science-Dipity in 2005 in order to satisfy his enthusiasm for exploring natural phenomenon, more commonly referred to as “doing science.” Mr. Baker has been doing this since receiving his first “bug catcher” at the age of six. After a lifetime of exploration, he created something that could feed his adventurous spirit AND put food on the table: Science-Dipity.

A career in environmental education, archaeology, elementary education, along with some stints retail, guided Mr. Baker in believing that a living could be made guiding children through experiences in science. Science-Dipity is the product of those life experiences.

The Purpose of Science-Dipity:

  • Make science concepts easier for children (or anyone) to comprehend. We do this by insisting that our guests literally handle the materials involved. The activities we provide are chosen because they pinpoint certain science concepts in a fun way.
  • Make hands-on, resource-rich science easier to implement for educators. (By educators, we mean teachers in any capacity; we serve public, private, and home schools.)  We provide activities that do not require sophisticated materials.
  • Provide a way of living for adults who share our passion for science and enjoy working with children.
  • Develop science literacy in children, along with the ability to use that knowledge to problem-solve—and make their world a better place.
  • Add to–or complement–the experiences in science that children are already receiving in their regular learning environment.
Science Superheroes