Science-Dipity Services

Eyewitness Assemblies

Let us bring that field trip to you. Have your K-6 students witness with their own eyes: fossils, rocks, minerals, electricity and magnetism, air pressure, states of matter, rock types, light and energy, chemical and physical reactions, forces and machines, properties of elements, weather, or earth dynamics. For far less than the cost of a field trip away, Science-Dipity will educate hundreds of your students in one day, with the next best thing: realia brought to your doorstep and presented in an exciting, fun way.

Science-Dipity Festivals

Have your most capable students run up to 24 interactive science stations as the rest of the K-8 school population systematically visits each one.  Science festivals, along with their stations, are tailored to provide opportunities for both the students running the stations and their visitors, to become competent in standards or “measurement-topics” that you wish to target—based upon needs reflected by your assessment data. And you don’t have to lift a finger.

Schedule a Sci-Dip festival based upon electricity and magnetism, air pressure, light and energy, forces and machines, or science investigation and exploration–or let’s work together to design a science festival uniquely tailored to your population’s needs.

Wet-Science Labs

Would you like every single one of your K-8 students to literally get their hands dirty as they actually manipulate science-based materials? Science-Dipity will provide all the consumables and set everything up for a hands-on exploration into any science concept of your choosing. You, as the primary educator, will assist Science-Dipity as we all get in-depth into the subject matter. Watch your students achieve and become science-literate right before your very eyes. Science-Dipity will handle all the “heavy lifting” and all the “nuts and bolts.” You will just be able to revel in an exciting science enrichment experience along with your learners.

Camps Science-Dipity

Do you know kids who are hungry for hands-on, resource-rich science when school’s out for break? They’ll make new friends as they explore science with from ten to twenty like-minded children from public, private or home-schools. They will meet for three hours a day, over a period of five days, during their summer, fall or spring break. The science concepts will be unforgettable as they build, play, and keep nearly all the things they work with. Each child participates, and all go home with positive memories they will treasure for their lifetime.

Sci-Dip Professional Development

One of the unintended consequences of having Science-Dipity visit your students is that you, as the teacher, instructor, parent or whomever, may learn some new and amazing ways of disseminating science knowledge that you may wish to use on your own. ‘Happens all the time, and we welcome it.

Nonetheless, Science-Dipity can provide a workshop for any group of educators, as we have done for professionals in the pre-school and after-school work environments.


Normally for birthdays, but any special event will do: Science Dipity visits your location with an hour’s worth of science experiences. You decide what science theme the guest of honor would love to share with her or his friends and family. Everyone goes home with things they’ve made–and the knowledge of science that’s “behind” the objects. “It’s like a Learning Party!” And you don’t have to lift a finger.

Mr. Baker with Hyacinth